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Who are we?

My name is Scott Donahue and I am a 37 year old husband and father of two daughters under 10 years old.  I am a teacher who was introduced, by my wife (who is also a teacher) to Walt Disney World in 2003.  Since our first visit to Walt Disney World in 2003, our family has made 15 trips to the Orlando area.  And by being teachers, our family can only visit Walt Disney World during the Peak Seasons.

As a result we have been forced to use a little trial-and-error on each trip.  Throughout our vacations we have developed strategies that allow us to maximize each vacation, and to make it as stress-free as possible.  Believe it or not Walt Disney World would seem very weird to us if there weren’t crowds.  I guess it adds to the excitement for us.

Many of our friends continue to ask us, “Why are you going to Walt Disney World again?”  Our answer is the same every time, “our family loves it.”  Our youngest daughter was born with Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease (http://www.pkdcure.org), so we have tried to live each day to the fullest because we know that nothing is guaranteed.  We also wanted to make sure that we could find a safe place that we all enjoyed to go on vacations.  Walt Disney World provides all that and more for us.

The good news is that she should be able to get to adulthood before she would need a transplant so that is a relief.  For us, there is no other place in the world we would rather be during the Peak Seasons, than at Walt Disney World, with thousands of our fellow Disney friends.

Why create this site?

To get right to the point, it seemed like there was nothing that focused specifically on those who have to travel to Disney during the Peak Seasons.   Most of the books, podcasts, and even the “experts” who vacation at Walt Disney World do not go during the Peak Seasons for obvious reasons…..IT IS PACKED!

Another problem is that with so many great websites out there, it seems like each tries to get as much Disney information packed onto their pages as possible.   Sometimes it can be overwhelming looking all over for the   basic information you need.   Don’t get me wrong I look at most of them daily, and they are great resources of information as   well, but I thought this website could be of help for those who have a specific need for traveling during the Peak Seasons.

Finally I guess that by going to Walt Disney World 13 times in the past 5 years, and being able to only go over Easter/Spring Break, Summer, and Christmas, I have become somewhat of an expert on how to maximize our trips during the Peak Seasons.   Thus   I decided that there needs to be a site that offers information dealing with the Peak Seasons at Walt Disney World.     I hope our little site can provide a better Disney experience for you and your family.

The Goal

The goal was to create a NEW and unique website for those who can only vacation at Walt Disney World during the Peak Seasons.  I want to provide you with a SIMPLE and easy to navigate website.  This probably won’t ever become one of the larger Disney websites and that is fine by me.  I just wanted to create a little Disney community that focuses on the Peak Seasons at Walt Disney World.

I also want to provide you with tips, strategies, and ideas to allow you to maximize your vacation with your family during Peak Seasons.  Yes the parks will be packed during these times, but you can turn these crowded times into a positive atmosphere by following many of the ideas found here.

Will I tell you exactly how to tour the parks….no.  That is not our goal.  But I will provide you with multiple options/ideas that may fit your vacation.  The goal is to have fun, keep it simple, enjoy Disney, and to be relaxed.  I hope our site can provide you with that.
When are the Peak Seasons?

If you have ever traveled to Walt Disney World during Easter/Spring Break, the Summer, or in December, you have vacationed during the Peak Seasons.  Basically there are three Peak Seasons:  March/April, June/July/August, and December. These times are the most crowded at Walt Disney World for obvious reasons…..there is NO SCHOOL.

These are the only times available for many families to go on vacation, so Walt Disney World turns into a crowded vacation destination.  For many of us, this is all we know.   A park where you can walk down Main Street USA without being bumped around, manuevering through 80,000 of your newest friends, or looking up at wait times for E-ticket attractions at a minimum of 120 minutes, would seem foreign to us.

Sure there are other times at Walt Disney World where there are larger crowds but nothing like these three seasons.  Major Holidays + No School = PACKED WALT DISNEY WORLD.  This website hopefully will help you maximize your planning and making your trip to Walt Disney World a positive one.

Walt Disney World Crowd Seasons  Low Attendance  Moderate Attendance  Peak Attendance
 January Low
 February  Moderate
 March  Moderate  Peak- Easter Week
 April  Moderate
 May  Moderate  Peak- Memorial Day Weekend
 June  Peak- Summer
 July  Peak- Summer
 August  Peak- Summer
 September  Low
 October  Low
 November  Low- Week after Thanksgiving  Moderate  Peak- Thanksgiving Week
 December  Moderate  Peak- Christmas Week